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    Three new stars shine at the sky
Marlland O'Taylor aka Steffie from family De Rijke left us in December
Marlland Quit Easy aka Sky from the Vilain family left us in November
Marlland Quincy Lad aka Gijs from the Jaski family left us in December
We all wish you a lot of strength in dealing with this great loss
Last change 22-9-20 T The H2-litter left our house

1: look Fotoboek - Diverse nesten puppies - H2-nest

2: Weer staat er een prachtig schitterende ster aan de hemel.
Op 15 september is Múlti Champion
Marlland O'Shary aka Bo op ruim 13 jarige leeftijd overleden.
We wens Marlies heel veel sterkte met het verlies van Bo.

3: Marlland English Rose aka Evita got a HD-A

Show Zwolle NL 13-9-2020

Marlland Englishman In New York 1 Exc. Intermediar
Marlland  Dancing Queen 1 Exc. CAC Best bitch and BOS

  1-9-20 Show Elstorf DE 30-8-2020
Marlland Englishman In New York 1 Exc. Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH
Vicary's Part Time Lover  2 Exc. Res Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH -Res CAC
Marlland Break The Rules  1 Exc. Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH
Marlland Dancing Queen 1 Exc. Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH
  21-8-20 Pedigree names H2-litter

Look Fokplan - 2020 - H2-litter
  17-8-20 Today 31 July was a very sad day.
Our beautiful granny Moon went over
the rainbowbridge. Marlland Mysterious Moonlight
We miss you so much. You were always around and
now your place on the couch is empty.
And another star up in the sky
Sem Marlland Sunny Boy 7 August
our thoughts are with Ellen and Henk
  9-8-20 Our Dogs
Vicary's Pearl's A Singer
Vicary's Part Time Lover
Marlland Break The Rules
owned by Yvonne Hill-De Coster
  14-7-20 - Puppies expected 15 August 2020

  Anlory Keltic Red Sky aka Wilson
  Marlland Change Of Heart aka Liv

Last change 14-7-20 -  Onze Honden - Marlland English Man In New York -             
    - Shows
   * 23-2-2020 Genk BE Marlland English Man In New York
      1 Exc. Best Junior
   * 1-3-2020  Hervé BE Marlland English Man In New York
      1 Exc in Juniorclass

Marlland You Are My Hope
Suteresett King Of Hearts
New Stars
in the Sky
******** There are some new twinkling stars in the sky.

September 2020 our beloved Marlland You Are My Joy aka Kayleigh left us. Our thoughts are with Cees and Ine. They loved her so much.

In December our beloved Max, Marlland O'Malley left us. Our thoughts are with  Peggy and family they loved him. 
Allso in December our beloved Lloyd, Marlland Lloyd left us.
Our thoughts are with Roy and family, who will miss him.

We will never forget them.
Shows ********* On the last show of the year in Holland, The Christmas-Winner-show
Marlland Dancing Queen won her second title
Junior Winner 2019, after gaining her Dutch Junior Champion in Bleiswijk.

On the last show of the year in Belgium Marlland Dizzy Miss Lizzy won two titles.
First she got a Belgian Junior Champion and second she got the Belgian Junior Winner 2019.
Congratulations to Kristien and Gino.
CHAMPION   Marlland Change Of Heart aka Liv
Just 2 years and already Hungaryan Champion.
Komarom Hungria 4-6 October 2019
1st day - 1 exc CAC-CACIB Best bitch Kardos Vilmos
2nd day morning - 1 exc res. CAC-CACIB Jaroslav Matyas
2nd day afternoon - 1 exc. CAC Best bitch, BOB,
               Clubwinner and BIS  Silke Lohkamp-Sommer
3th day - 1 exc. CAC-CACIB, Best Bitch, BOS dr. Zsuzsanna Barlogh
Shows   Pinkstershow Arnhem 10 juni 2019

Marlland Change Of Heart aka Liv
1 exc Yearling CAC-CACIB BOS
Shows   Championshipshow ISC NL 2 juni 2019

Marlland Change Of Heart aka Liv 1 exc Yearling
Marlland California Man aka Calum 2 exc Yearling
Marlland Break The Rules aka Roy 3 exc Openclass
Marlland Zo Irish And Handsome aka Sam 3 exc Championclass
Nieuws/news   17 March 2019
Show Hückelhoven DE
Judge mr. F. Berchtold AU
Marlland Dancing Queen puppyclass
1 VP Best puppy of breed and BIS puppy
Marlland California Man yearling
3 Exc.
Marlland Change Of Heart yearling
1 Exc. Anw.Dt.Ch. VDH and Res. CAC
Shows   19 Januar 2019 Manchester UK
Marlland California Man aka Calum
2nd place Juniorclass and Crufts Qualified
Wereldtentoonstelling 2018 te Amsterdam
Marlland Change Of Heart aka Liv 2 Ex. Juniorclass (12 entries)
4 june 2018   27-03-2004  4-06-2018
Today our beautiful Marlland Katie aka Jade
went over the rainbowbridge to become a twinkling
star up in the sky.
We loved here so much our granny.
Our thoughts are with Maryanne and Ria
Fotoboek   5 generaties Marlland Irish Setters op rij
Zie ook Fotoboek - Onze Honden en
Fotoboek - Bijzondere Foto's Marlland Setters
Onze Honden   A new star in the sky
went over the rainbowbridge 28-9-2017
    Last change 19 January 2021

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