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Puppies expected Puppies expected early april 2019
Puppies born
26 July 2018
D2-Litter born 26 July 2018

Anlory Aidan
Marlland You Are My Hope aka Maeve
14 april 2018 Show Irish Setter Club of Scotland
Zo Irish And Handsome aka Sam
1st Place Yearling
Judge mrs. Vivian Blackshaw
7 april 2018 Show Irish Setter Breeders Club
Marlland Zo Irish And Handsome aka Sam
2nd Place Yearling
Judge mrs. Maureen Mitchel
28 may 2013 Visited Kampioensclubmatch Ierse Setter Club Nederland
Marlland Sally Ann  Breedersclass  2 Exc.
Marlland O'Shary  Championclass  3 Exc.
Exhibiton Groningen Luna, Marlland The Lady In Red, thit it excellent for here 10 months the first time on show.
27 febr. 2013 Yes it's true, Marlland Pink Lady, Paige, is pregnant. Puppies expecting Easter Monday. For more information, visit photobook, diverse puppy nesten, V-nest
15-16 febr. 2013 Marlland Sally Ann is mated by Vicary's Just in Time
28-29 jan. 2013 Today Marlland Pink Lady is mated by Vicary's Just in Time.
Exhibition Wychen Marlland Undercover Boss  1 VP and became
Best Irish Setter Puppy.
Ger, Jolanda and Santos (Undercover Boss) very well done.
Winner Amsterdam Marlland Sally Ann 1 Exc. Openclass
12-11-2012 Today our old lady Marlland Florence went over the rainbowbridge.She became
12 years and 8 months.
Also today Marlland Earl Smokey left us. He became 13 years an 9 months.
My lovely ones, hope you have a good time now. Miss you all.
7-11-2012 Today our lovely Marlland Super Trouper Jr. called Spyke died.
His spleen.
Show Bleiswijk
Today Marlland Sally Ann became Reserve Best Bitch in Bleiswijk
Marlland O'Shary   Champcl.   2 Exc.
Marlland Sally Ann  Opencl.     1 Exc. Res. CAC-CACIB
Show Maastricht
Marlland O'Shary became best bitch in Maastricht
Marlland O'Shary   Champcl.   1 Exc. CAC-CACIB
Marlland Sally Ann  Opencl.      4 Exc.
Diamondstreet Amy Intermcl    2 Exc.
Pups Born on
2 june 2012
Pups born  on 2 june 2012 from Marlland Ruby X Fairuby Gary
6 boys and 2 girls
Contact Rosie Dudley  tel. +44  1234391344
Show Uden
23 june 2012
Marlland Sally Ann   Interm.cl.     1 Exc.
Marlland O'Sahry     Champcl.    1 Exc. Res. CAC-CACIB
Diamondstreet Amy Juniorcl.     1 Exc. Jeugd CAC
en hierdoor werd Amy Dutch Junior Kampioen

U-litter born 12 may -- see breed page
Marlland Pink Lady  x Lots of Love of the Red Empire



T-litter born 28 april see breed page
Marlland Mysterious Moonlight x Copper's Magiska Under


Marlland Sally Ann   Intermediare    1 Exc.
Marlland O'Shary    Champ.class       Exc
Diamondstreet Amy Juniorclass       4 Exc

Show Saarbrucken
Best Bitch and Saarlandsieger 2012
Marlland Sally Ann   Intermediare   1 Exc. Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH   CAC-CACIB
Marlland Q's Suzie     Openclass      2 Exc. Res.Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH
Diamondstreet Amy   Juniorclass      1 Exc. JCAC
 Saarlandjugendsieger 2012

ISC Show
Marlland Sally Ann  Intermediare     1 Exc 
Diamondstreet Amy  Juniorclass    3 VG
Marlland O'Shary  Championclass  4 Exc
Show Lingen Ems D
Marlland Q's Suzie  openclass    1 Exc. CAC-CACIB  Best Bitch
Marlland Sally Ann Intermediare   1 Exc. Res CAC-CACIB Res.Best Bitch
Diamondstreet Amy Juniorclass   2 Exc. Res.Anw.J.CAC
Show Goes
Marlland O'Shary  Championclass 1 Exc. CAC-CACIB Best Bitch
Diamondstreet Amy Juniorclass     1 Exc. Res.CAC Res. Best Bitch
Marlland Sally Ann  Intermediare      1 VG
Show Leeuwarden
Diamondstreet Amy Juniorclass    1 Exc. JCAC en CAC
Amy became Best Bitch out of juniorclass

Marlland Sally Ann  Intermediare class 2 Exc
Marlland O'Shary    Championclass      4 Exc

Show Luxembourg
Marlland Sally Ann Intermediare class 1 Exc.CACL
Marlland Q's Suzie Openclass             2 Exc. Res CACL  Res CACIB
Diamondstreet Amy Youth class          1 Exc. Luxembourg Youth Champion
Show Hazerswoude Marlland Sally Ann Intermediare class  2 Exc.
Marlland O'Shary  Championclass       2 Exc. Res CACIB
Diamondstreet Amy Youth Class         2 Exc.
Show Eindhoven Marlland O'Shary 1 Exc. CAC-CACIB  Best Bitch
Marlland Pink Lady 2 Exc.
Show Essen 2012
Marlland Sally Ann Intermediare class 1 Exc. Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH
Marlland Q's Suzie Openclass  1 Exc. Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH
A good start this new show year!
Show Wychen Marlland Sally Ann 1 Exc. and finaly Dutch Junior Champion
Marlland O'Shary   1 Exc and now Dutch Champion


Great day for brother and sister in Amsterdam

                       Jeugdwinster 2011         Jeugdwinner 2011                           
Marlland Sally Ann (here showed by Diana) en Marlland Simply Red (with Huub)

Marlland Simply Red 1 Exc JCAC and Jeugdwinner 2011
Marlland Sally Ann     1 Exc. JCAC Jeugdwinster 2011 and Reserve Beste Teef


14 ocotber 2011
Bundessieger 2011
Marlland Sally Ann    1 Exc. Anw.Dt.J.Ch.  Bundesjugendsiegerin 2011
Marlland Simply Red  2 Exc. Res. Anw.Dt.J.Ch.
Marlland O'Shary       1 Exc. Anw.Dt.Ch. CAC-CACIB  Bundessiegerin 2011
Diamondstreet Amy   1 VP  Best Puppy
  Marlland Sally Ann got A Hipps
16 july 2011
Show Schauenburg

Januari 2013  
7 jan The I-nest becomes the age of 11
19 jan The J-nest becomes the age of 10
22 jan The G-nest becomes the age of 12
Februari 2013  
15 feb The R-nest becomes the age of 3
16 feb The N-nest becomes the age of 6
28 feb The E-nest becomes the age of 14
March 2013  
14 mrt The F-nest becomes the age of 13. Farah a happy birthday for you, my lovely one.
27 mrt The K-nest becomes the age of 9
April 2013  
14 apr Our C-nest became today the age of 16 years, unfortunately they all died.
28 apr Our T-litter have their first birthday.
May 2013  
11 may  P-Litter becomes 4 years
12 may Our U-litter have their first birthday
June 2013  
18 jun The L-nest becomes the age of 8
21 jun The D-nest became today the age of 16 years, unfortunately they all died.
July 2013  
10 jul The M-nest becomes the age of 7
17 jul Today Heaven becomes the age of 9 years
19 jul The H-nest becomes the age of 12.
August 2013  
12 aug 20 years ago we breed our first litter the A litter
13 aug The O-litter becomes  the age of 6
14 aug Today it is 18 years ago that the B litter was born
September 2013  
4 sept The S-litter becomes 3 year
Oktober 2013  
November 2013  


December 2013